Heart of Africa


Historical themed board game
Accumulate victory points
Bidding is costly, but rewards are rich
For 2 to 5 players
Takes about an hour to play

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Heart of Africa is a meaty trading game where the players each lead a trading company which tries to make profits in Africa. Although Africa had been circumnavigated by the start of the 19th century, the continent remained largely undiscovered. One of the great mysteries was the source of the Nile, and explorers like Burton, Speke, Baker and Livingstone became legendary in their attempts to find it. Soon, Africa became the subject of colonialism and trade expansion, and that is where Heart of Africa begins. Initially, the players only have limited resources. A bidding structure decides who may conduct each next turn. Although bidding is costly, rewards may be rich… As each turn ends, players evaluate their score. Will they have enough victory points to win?


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