Land vs Sea


Explore a map of infinite possibilities! What wonders will be found on Land or in Sea? Its up to you to find out. In Land vs Sea you play as either land or sea. Take turns placing either side of double sided tiles onto the medieval map to complete land and sea areas for points. Place carefully to press your advantage, and surprise your rivals with special moves. It’s part puzzle, part game and no 2 maps will ever be the same.

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An approachable tile-laying game filled with playful details from historic cartography.
Family friendly & fantastic for 2 players, the game’s objective is in its name – map more land while your rivals map more sea.
Unique double sided hex tiles offer many choices and surprises to double your fun.
Scoring starts simple – complete land and seas areas for a point per tile + bonus points.
Turn on additional scoring layers to add more scoring opportunities and strategic depth.


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