Take It Easy (Smaller Box Version)


Take It Easy is an excellent and accessible game for all levels of players and a true multi-player solitaire game in which each player individually completes a hexagon-shaped board with spots for 19 hexagonal tiles. The box comes with materials for six players, but there’s no limit to the number of players if you have enough sets on hand. This makes it an excellent choice for game or family nights and parties.

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(From the website of the publisher of Take It Easy)

In Take It Easy, one person (the caller, who may also play) randomly draws one of 27 tiles featuring colored/ numbered pipes crossing in three directions. Each player then places a tile on his hexagonal board, with the goal of connecting the colored lines edge to edge. Placement continues and increasingly tough choices ensue until the hexes are filled. Then scoring is calculated by multiplying the number on the tile with the number of tiles in the completed line. As accessible as Bingo, but with color, strategy……and a whole lot more fun!


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