Yu-Gi-Oh! Cybernetic Horizon Booster


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Includes cards used by Dartz, Yuya Sakaki (ARC-V manga and spin-off manga), Ren, Yusaku Fujiki, George Gore and Varis.
Includes new members and/or support for the “Borrel”, “Cyber Dragon”, “Dragunity”, “Elemental Lord”, “Frog”, “Gouki”, “Krawler”, “Mekk-Knight”, “Metaphys”, “Rokket”, “Mythical Beast”, “Sky Striker Ace” and “World Legacy” archetypes, as well as the Attribute Booster, Cynet, Demise and Ruin, Link, Mirror Trap and Paladins of Dragons series.
The TCG version includes members and/or support for the “Gladiator Beast”, “Neo-Spacian”, “Noble Arms”, “Noble Knight” and “Performapal” archetypes.[3]
Introduces the “Impcantation” and “Crusadia” archetypes to the OCG/TCG.
The TCG version also introduces the “Danger!” archetype.


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