Yu-Gi-Oh Ignition Assault Booster


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This Pack contains the latest cards used in the animated TV series “Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS”, as well as a new powerful theme series.
Includes cards used by Ai.
Includes members/support for the “Dragonmaid”, “Time Thief”, “Karakuri”, “Generaider”,”Gimmick Puppet”, “Chronomaly”, “Heraldry”, “Heraldic Beast”, “Number”, “Number C”, “Xyz”, “CXyz”, “Rank-Up-Magic”, “Witchcrafter”, “Unchained”, “Unchained Soul”, “Mayakashi”, “Ghostrick”, “Sky Striker”, “Sky Striker Ace”, “Charmer” and “Familiar-Possessed” archetypes, as well as “Gizmek”, “Cupid” and “Cataclysmic” series.
The TCG version also introduces the new “Plunder Patroll” archetype as well as members/support for “Archfiend” archetype.
Introduces the “Megalith”, “Ancient Warriors”, “@Ignister” and “A.I.” archetypes.


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