Yugioh Legendary Duelists Synchro Storm


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This set focuses on strategies from 3 characters who use WIND monsters: Yugo and Lulu from ARC-V and Sherry from 5D’s.
2 of the 3 themes focus on WIND Synchro Monsters.
WIND Synchro themes have natural synergy with Stardust Dragon and thus synergize with Dawn of Majesty (14 August 2021), an upcoming core set with a major focus on powering up Stardust Dragon into a new form.
The final theme represented is Lyrilusc, a theme that tries to Summon Rank 1 Xyz Monsters with as many Xyz Materials as possible.
Lyrilusc combines with the Tri-Brigade theme introduced in Phantom Rage and continued in Blazing Vortex and Lightning Overdrive, to create one of the most interesting competitive decks in the current tournament scene.
This set will have 1 Ghost Rare.

Each booster pack contains 5 additional game cards.


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