Anima Tactics: Kairos


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The duk/zarist Kairos is the younger brother of the 9 Fallen Angel, Ophiel, one of the lords of Samael. Even though he opposes his brothers radical view of humankind, he works under his command hoping that in this way he can mitigate his brother’s most extreme actions.

Warrior – Dark Samael – Level 45

Dark Valestis (Ki, Charge) – +4 Damage. Kairos may charge up to 16 inches.

Soul Spiral (Ki, Ranged Attack) – Distance (16 inches). +2 Damage.

Final Burst (Ki, Attack) – Final Burst affects all enemy units within 3 inches of Kairos. Kairos may spend an additional action point to gain +2 Attack.

This pewter figure is unpainted and unassembled. Requires additional Anima Tactics figures and the Anima Tactics ruleset to play.


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