Beep! Beep!


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A leisurely drive through the country side is a relaxing activity anyone would would enjoy, right? Oh look, a moose in the trees to the left, lovely. Oh, and there’s a cute little skunk waddling along the grass adjacent to the road. However, what happens when these animals try to cross the road? The last thing you want is to have an incident with one of these lovely creatures!

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Beep! Beep! Is a fast paced game of driving through a forest and swerving to miss the wildlife.
The game consists of a small rubber squeaky car and 112 cards each with an animal in a particular color on it. Players simultaneously try to match either the animal OR the color to those they have already avoided. When three of the same color or animal appear at the same time, hit the squeaky car to Beep! Beep! your horn and get them out of the way.
The player who avoids the most animals wins a game of Beep! Beep!


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