At the beginning of the 17th century, the first ships of trading companies set sail. Your destination is the East Indies, because the spice trade is flourishing. But it is not only the competition among trading companies that is increasing day by day; Also within the companies, the arguments about the leading positions are increasing, because leading dealers receive the largest share of the profit. Who best reconciles their interests with those of society?

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In Borneo players are merchants involved in the commerce of spices with the East Indies in the XVII century. Each merchant is a member of a number of different Mercantile Companies: it is therefore important to achieve the best position in the hierarchies at the right time, when the profit from the expedition is divided among them, either by monopoly of a single company or by shares of different companies.

The same cards are used in three ways: to gain the control of a company on a certain harbour, to struggle for the status inside of a company, and finally as trade goods to collect to dispatch orders.


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