Clash of Cultures


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Designed by Christian Marcussen, creator of Merchants and Marauders, each players will help guide a small, single settlement in its rise to a glorious empire in Clash of Cultures. Send Settlers to build new bastions of civilization in the wild, defend your cities from barbarians and the armies of your competition, and advance your cultural agenda within the walls of your fellow players’ cities. Find out who among you will build a beacon of culture to shine throughout the ages!

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Aspects of Clash of Cultures include:

The game features about 48 distinct advances. The whole “tech-tree” is very flexible with no dead ends, yet still intuitive, sensible and “realistic.” Additionally you have a great overview of what advances other cultures have – no need to ask – just look.

Modular Board
Players start with a civilization in its infancy. Move settlers to uncharted regions and reveal the terrain and its resources. Several mechanisms have been implemented to assure that an unlucky placement of region-tiles won’t be a decider.

Playing Time
The game covers a time span similar to AH Civilization – that is to pre-gunpowder. This epic game is playable in about an hour per player! This is a pretty good playing time for a game that covers so much ground as this game will.

City management
Players expand their cities through the game. But not just to the generic larger city. Players instead choose a building type which represents the growth of the city. For instance you can expand a city with a port, fort, temple and academy – all with different benefits! Additionally cities can be “angry,” “neutral” and “happy.” Everything integrated in an intuitive and elegant fashion.

Multiple paths to victory
Earn points through:
– Founding cities and increasing their sizes
– Advances
– Objectives
– Wonders
– Events


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