Dicewords is a new game in a small tube from Graham Lipscomb, which has 9 colored dice with different combinations of letters. Players take turns re-rolling the dice to get the best score. The key is the Word Table which enables players to make better decisions about which words are possible with the unwanted rolls.

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(from the website of the publisher of Dicewords)

Roll all nine alphabet dice to start building a word.

Keep the letters you need and re-roll the others.

Decide on which letters you will keep to make a word and which dice you will re-roll by checking the Dice Table. The color-coded Dice Table shows you where the letters are that you need to complete your word.

You get two more tries.

After your third roll (or sooner if you want) score your word.

First, add up the values of the letters used in your word. Then, multiply this number by the number of letters in the word.

Example, the word QUEUE has a face value of 13. Multiply by 5 (five letters) to get 65 points.


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