Junior Scrabble: World of Wildlife


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This new version of the classic Scrabble game has a double sided board and so offers two different games. This means that younger children can start with the simpler board game and then move onto the more advanced game when they are ready. The letters are colour coded enabling easier scoring so that younger children can easily count their scores and make higher scoring words in a fun and easy way. The first game is about letter recognition and the children have to place the letters they draw out of the bag over any one of the letters on the board that match. All the words on the board are names of animals and there is a beautiful booklet included with lots of interesting and educational facts about the animals in the game. The second game is a more standard version of junior Scrabble with the new colour coded scoring method to encourage children to make longer and more complicated words. Suitable for 2-4 players aged 5+


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