Moral Conflict 1940


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Moral Conflict 1940 is a strategic team game played by 2 to 6 players, which powerfully reconstructs the military, economic, diplomatic, technological and moral conflict as it enveloped the globe in course of the Second World War. It is possible to learn and practice not just teamwork, but also strategy, negotiation, planning and focus to achieve victory. This is a streamlined 12-sided dice version, ideal for play from 90 minutes by experienced gamers.

Victory points are collected in the beginners´game like many one dimensional military games, by capturing territories and defeating the other players. In the advanced game it is possible to play and win through the further four dimensions.

FIRST the military war of great land, sea and air battles.

SECOND the economic crisis, the struggle for economic growth and access to critical oil and iron ore resources. The price of military war is clearly seen and the player who amasses much wealth can win even without fighting.

THIRD the diplomatic pressure to coerce neutral nations into trade or conflict. The excitement of winning a major ally such as the Soviet Union and the pain if they change sides.

FOURTH the race to develop new war or economic technologies, such as jet aircraft, radar, rocketry or more efficient manufacturing through prefabrication and standardisation.

FIFTH the moral decisions which shaped each nation´s conduct. Seizing power through violence and treachery is contrasted with close cooperation, trust, sharing and self-sacrifice in search for peace.

The interplay of all five dimensions on each other is the unique Moral Conflict experience. Each game progresses differently with almost unlimited options.

An extra guide book, with historical background, teaches strategy in five dimensions and how to master each dimension to win the game and in real life.


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