Neuland lies undeveloped with only a few hunters and woodcutters living there. Players compete to build up a new civilization in which 15 properties promise prosperity and progress, including the Abbey, Guild House, Town Hall, and Stronghold. Who will achieve the chains of production necessary to claim each cultural building?

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In Neuland players must evaluate how much to do each turn since the fewer actions they take, the more they can achieve the next turn. When should you make your big move so you can claim that cultural advance with your coat of arms? The first to place all of their coat of arms wins the game. Players place workers to produce raw material that must be used to produce more refined material. These materials help you build different facilities to produce even more materials. The uniqueness of the actions is that you can do as much as you want as long as you don’t pass the time marker. The time marker moves to the next player piece: which could be you depending on how many actions you take. So one must consider doing a small number of actions in order to go more often or take a long turn to do everything you may want.


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